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À la carte: Romeo's new drink list signed by great chefs

romeo bistrot cocktail bar

The north-east is an area of Italy where gastronomic excellence and haute cuisine restaurants are concentrated. It is precisely from this thought that Romeo Bistro & Cocktail Bar, the place of Andrea Cason and Marco Cosenza, has developed, with the support of head bartender Edoardo Bullio, the new drink list A la carte.

Seven drinks made in collaboration with as many chefs – by Donato Ascani (Glam Enrico Bartolini**, Venice) to Giancarlo Perbellini (Casa Perbellini 12 Apostoli**, Verona) – to revisit starred dishes or reinterpret culinary ingredients in liquid form.

Andrea Cason

Expert bartender, trainer and consultant for companies in the beverage sector, Andrea Cason is the owner, together with Marco Cosenza, of Romeo Bistrot & Cocktail Bar in Verona, by Bartenders, company specialized in beverage events on the national territory, and of Bartenders Academy Italia, training academy for bartenders, which can boast a curriculum of important collaborations, such as the one with the prestigious ALMA haute cuisine academy in Colorno (PR).

romeo bistro room

The local

A renovated 13th century church with tropical-style furnishings, in the center of Verona. It is in this context that it develops Romeo, bistro & cocktail bar in which the drinks are signed by Edoardo Bullio, Fabio Gelmetti, Federico Pinfari, Alessandro Mafficini and Pietro Cozzolino. There are two environments: on the lower floor there is the bistro, where an offer of drinks is served in combination with the cuisine, on the upper floor, there is the cocktail bar, where a more refined mix takes place, as evidenced by this new drink list. Third and final environment is the Speziale, a laboratory where homemade products are prepared and, for a few months, menus with cocktail pairings or spirit tastings have also been featured.

The drink list À la carte

“The project of the new drink list A la carte he was born about 8 months ago. The idea was to create, together with chefs from the Veneto and Trentino area, drinks in which the chefs' signature was clear. For this reason, excellent local chefs were chosen in collaboration with the chefs, who became the protagonists of the cocktails" said Andrea Cason.

Peter Brunel

THEthe drink, created in collaboration with Peter Brunel (Peter Brunel Ristorante Gourmet*, Arco TN), recalls the chef's cooking style as well as the theme he chose for the new menu, D'Annunzio, from which elements such as the arzente were taken. Precisely the latter, the brandy in Italian, was used in the cocktail in the version of the Poli distillery, together with a coffee grounds liqueur (another ingredient appreciated by the poet) Nespresso, the rennet apple, to recall the Trentino, the Savoy Americano, Borgarts bitters and Disaronno.

Donato Ascani

With Donato Ascani (Glam Enrico Bartolini**, Venice), instead, a twist was created on the Paloma. The peculiarity is the use of herbs and flowers - marigold, oxalis - from the Marco Bozzato farm in Cavallino (VE), respectively in a liquorice liqueur and in Casamigos tequila. In combination? Paragon White Penja Soda jasmine and peach London Essence.

Donato Ascani

Another symbolic drink of Romeo's new menu is the recipe studied together with Terry Giacomello (NIN, Brenzone sul Garda VR), one of the most creative chefs in Italy. In this cocktail, the olive tree was used in three forms different: in leaves as a base for a syrup, in oil to flavor Russels 10 Bourbon whiskey and in bitters. To complete the ingredients, there are Cognac Remy Martin 1738, lemon juice, citronette, egg white and Orinoco bitters.


Alessio D'Aguanno

Alessio D'Aguanno is the copywriter. He interviews bartenders and talks about the work they do in Italian and worldwide cocktail bars, both in the blog and in the paper guide.

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