Alessandro Cuomo is the winner of the 2023 Cointreau Margarita Challenge


The third edition of the event was held last February 16th in Rome Cointreau Margarita Challenge by Molinari, the famous Italian alcohol producer and exclusive distributor in Italy of the Remy Cointreau brands since April 2018.

The contest saw 10 Italian bartenders compete in the preparation of the most famous cocktail of all time: the Margarita.

An exceptional jury made up of well-known faces of Italian bartending will evaluate the various preparations.

The Trastevere location La Punta – Expendio de Agave it was dyed orange for Cointreau. Each contestant had five minutes to prepare their Cointreau Margarita, with the only rule being that they had to use Cointreau and salt.
The expert jury, composed of Cristian Bugiada, owner of the cocktail bar, Marco Fedele, Italian brand ambassador for Molinari, Fabio Bacchi, founder of the "Bartales" magazine and Kevin Sueiro, Cointreau Global Brand Ambassador, evaluated the cocktails according to four criteria: technique , creativity, taste and presentation.

The event was hosted by an exceptional presenter: Filippo Ferraro of RDS.
Winning the title of winner of the 2023 Margarita Challenge was Alexander Cuomo, a young bartender from Milan, who in the spring will fly to the world final in Angers, France, in the Cointreau cellars.

Cointreau Margarita Challenge 2023: the winner

Alessandro Cuomo, born in 1997, is a bartender at The Doping Club in Milan.
He presented his “A Margarita on the Sidecar” with these ingredients:
Remy Martin
Blood orange
Salted Caramel
Chocolate bitters
Tequila, Mezcal, orange, passion fruit and caramel flavored salt



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